What Is "HowInu"

Howinu (HOW) Cryptocurrency project was started in 2023 by "Pasindu Shenal" as a normal Meme project. Later, HowSwap Decentralized Crypto Exchange was introduced with the aim of developing the Howinu (HOW) project and turning it into a massive cryptocurrency project. The HOWCAT (HCAT) token was introduced in 2024 with the aim of increasing HowSwap's liquidity by benefiting HowSwap's farms and pools.

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Howinu Ecosystem

There are three main parts of the Howinu ecosystem

  • Howinu - Native Token
  • HowSwap - Decentralized exchange
  • Howcat - Governance Token

About Howinu

  • Howinu Already Listed On Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Toobit, XeggeX, Dex-Trade, Azbit, Tokpie & Trust Wallet
  • HowInu has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 and has relinquished ownership of the Howinu contract, so the Howinu contract cannot be changed or new Howinu tokens minted
  • Although the supply of Howinu tokens appears to be high, that supply is not the actual supply.. Since a large percentage of Howinu's maximum supply has already been burned, the circulating supply is far less than the total supply.
  • Howinu Audit by : cyberscope

About HowSwap

  • HowSwap is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange of the Howinu ecosystem.
  • HowSwap is already listed on many platforms including Coingecko and Geckoterminal.
  • HowSwap's trading fee is 0.2% and 50% of that fee goes to liquidity providers as rewards for providing liquidity, the remaining 50% goes to maintaining the HowSwap website and buying and burning Howcat Tokens.
  • There are 3 main ways to earn Cryptocurrency through HowSwap. (Liquidity providing, Farms, Pools)
  • Due to HowSwap's automated market making system and HowSwap being a decentralized exchange, the operation or existence of HowSwap is not dependent on the activities of any outside parties. (The Howinu Team only maintains the howswap website to facilitate the use of HowSwap, and the existence or non-existence of the howswap website is not relevant to the existence of the HowSwap exchange.)
  • Ownership of all HowSwap contracts has been burned, so it is not possible to change the functionality of HowSwap

About HowCat

  • HowCat Already Listed On Coingecko & Geckoterminal
  • You can earn Howcat Tokens through Farms & Pools on HowSwap.
  • There is no maximum supply of HowCat Tokens, and only MasterChef on HowSwap has full authority to issue new HowCat Tokens to farms and pools. ("In BNB chain, in a day there are around 28500 block..so on every block it will mint 48 Howcat token and will distribute to stakers. - 65% will in farms & 35% in pools ")
  • MasterChef is 100% automated and MasterChef's ownership is burned, so no changes can be made to MasterChef's contract

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